The list, or the story? I recently had a caller submit a script he wanted me to read for A simple little teaser audio. I got such a kick out of
recording it. You know why? Because it was chalk full of trigger words.

Over and over again I said masturbation, masturbating, stroking, jerking off, etc. And though I get such a kick out of seeing the power of my words.
I tend to sprinkle them lightly throughout a call or audio.

What do you think? Go ahead and take out your cock for this. Just lightly stroke as you listen to the next paragraph. Pay attention to your stroking.
Does it make you tingle just the same if I say.. Thong, pussy, lick, dick .
as opposed to saying.. Mmm, let me lay back and spread my knees. You like that pretty red thong? What about when I pull it to the side to reveal that pink, wet pussy. Go ahead loverboy, lick it. Lick that pussy and feel your dick twitch.Makes a girl wonder which you prefer *giggle*

Which of those would you rather me continue doing? The list, or the story?
Which set of words caused you to pick up your pace a bit more. Or do you
just love my voice so much it doesn’t matter what I say, lol


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