*All replies to me are reprinted with permission*
I collected a few responses about ruined orgasms, mainly from subs and 1 Mistress. It was exciting to read and really feel the words of each response! While all experiences involving ruined orgasms were similar, they were also unique to each person.  The responses were all so delicious!!

Mistress Josephine, whom I adore, gave her opinion:
I love the power and the rush I get from this activity! I do different ways of build up, and lots of teasing. I have done the head stimulation, and made him give me adjectives to describe the feelings as I was doing the stimulation. That was amazing to do and watch! I like the idea of a slower build up, and just getting to the point of no return and stopping. For ruining I like palming and thumbing.

Sub L Stated:
 For me i can usually have the stroking stopped at least a good couple of seconds before i start cumming perhaps. Also something that is evil is after he’s done orgasming, concentrate and stimulate the head like crazy hard and fast that can ruin any pleasurable feelings.

Sub K Says:
If my Mistress stops me at a different point, the “Point of No Return” (Much easier to find), I’ll have a ruined orgasm, where I’ll have just a little tiny bit of pleasure leading up to the ejaculation, then ejaculate with virtually no pleasure. It leaves me feeling like I really did cum. Very relieving, actually, yet frustratingly unsatisfying.

Sub M chimed in:
The place I love to hate is when she gets me to the point where, she’ll let go, and my cock will throb, twitch and try to cum, sometimes giving up a single spurt, but most often just one bead of cum emerges at the tip… not exactly a ‘classic’ ruined orgasm, but wonderfully frustrating and leaves me crazy to cum.

Sub C. Had a comment:
I find they are most effective after long periods of tease and denial. When I am brought right near the edge and left without stimulation I can have one of the most unsatisfying orgasms. Essentially I get a mild pulse which causes the cum to dribble out without force. There is no pleasure or euphoric feeling that follows. It’s almost like being milked except that muscles are actually funneling the fluid out.
In order to make it effective i have to be in a position where the penis does not touch anything and is dangling between my legs. Even letting it pop back against the body is enough to trigger a different feeling and cause a full orgasm. Also this dribbling cannot be achieved if I have any type of anal toy inserted.

Sub G was one of the last to offer his opinion:
For me, ruined orgasms are at their most effective, uhm, frustratingly arousing but leaving me horny as anything, when all stimulation stops just at the point of ejaculation. I think.
It is interesting because how satisfying vs. frustrating seems to vary at times. There seems to be something going on that may be independent of ejaculation. Perhaps there is something to the idea that ejaculation and orgasm are two separate things. At any rate, sometimes the level of frustration is far higher, and I am much less satisfied than other times. But this seems to vary between her stopping a split second before cumming, vs. stopping just as I ejaculate.

So much fun, and so many who love Ruined Orgasms as much as I do! I would love to hear your experiences with Ruined Orgasms, or would love to help guide you to one! Here at Teasemafia, I really don’t ever want you to have a real orgasm, you know! Ruining them is so much more fun for me. Want an assignment? Oh yes you do! Click the audio.

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