Holly's cock tease marathonI hope that part one got you all hot and bothered. I’m sure by now you have increased your ability to edge. This will definitely come in handy. Just imagine what it would be like to be one of my fuck buddy’s. The hottest women you have ever had your hands on. It can be a bit nerve -racking. As you can imagine, if you blow too quickly you will be a one night stand. If you can
control your momentum and make me cum for hours then our relationship is mutually beneficial. And that means I might keep you around a bit longer.

For this cockteasing marathon part two I want you to imagine what it would be like to be a fuck buddy of mine. Go to http://cockcontrol.com/galleries/Holly/ and start the slideshow up. I will tell you when to click to the next picture. For now, just lube your cock up as you imagine those red luscious lips and imagine them kissing you hello.

Go ahead and stroke for a good 2-3 minutes. Teasing your balls and working nice long strokes of your cock. I want it nice and hard before I will do anything with it. You certainly wouldn’t want to waste me time. Not for this “interview” of sorts.

Now click on the next slide. Here I am in one of my favorite positions. Of course, a true fuck buddy of mine would see this from a different angle, lol. For now though I want you to focus on the curves of my ass. What it would feel like to touch and caress those strong thighs. Imagine me crawling across the bed and positioning myself right in front of that waiting cock of yours. Keep stroking. Now I want you to pay particular attention to the head of your cock. Squeeze it gently and feel it get stiff between your fingers.

Next slide. Can you imagine how good it would feel to caress me up my stomach as you smack your cock against my ass? I hope so. My hips pressed back on you, just my panties keeping you from my sweet pussy. Smack your cock hard against something. A book, your hand, anything. Imagine smacking it against my panty covered pussy. Don’t remember what they look like? My red panties with the little rhinestones? Click on the next picture, #4.

Any fuck buddy of mine must be a masturbation king. I love to feel a rock hard cock teasing me. I need you to get me wet before we even start. Now, click on the next picture and imagine slowly lowering my panties. Revealing those gorgeous pink pussy lips. Keep your cock hard by stroking it, but only let your tongue explore between my cheeks…

cockteasing marathon part two