teasing routineThis is a teasing routine to help you keep in control when you are taunted and teased. It uses your desire to play with submissiveness and your natural strong desire to orgasm as the catalyst for success. Now, you may not be cumming all the time, but you’ll get there eventually.
Pick a week where you will have some amount of privacy. I need about an hour from you each day just to edge and not to cum at all. That’s right, edging without cumming! I will be your trainer during the week, and your orgasm facilitator on the weekend. Basically, you give and I take complete control of when and how you cum. I think that’s fair, and I know you realize it is necessary!
Monday – Friday evening, you should not expect to have an orgasm even though you are teasing and stroking that cock, My cock! You absolutely will willingly give me control of your orgasms. As a reward for the teasing practice you did, Sunday night, you are encouraged by me to orgasm as much as possible. Now, I assure you the first one will be intense and the others will be less so. This should reinforce how important teasing, control, and build up are! This also helps establish the fact that there is a price to pay for the privilege of Me allowing you to have an orgasm.
Sunday night you would be allowed to cum at my discretion. No matter how many times I let you cum, every time you are getting ready to cum Sunday, you must ask to cum. You must make a request to orgasm when you think you can, but I make the final decision about the orgasm you wish to have. Be ready to stroke and stroke and to be teased and teased! This should make for some fairly intense jerk off sessions that would be perfect for me to both hear and watch on cam!
Are you ready to try teasing with Ms. Delia? I’ll make it easy! 800-601-6975

Tease and denial with Delia