I LOVE Ruining Orgasms! Call me mean, but it gets me wet!! My passion for this started with tease and denial. Getting up to higher numbers was myI LOVE Ruining Orgasms! goal so I could see much twitching and leaking.
Then I started to push subs higher. I told subs to get to the brink of an orgasm, like the point of no return, to tell me, and I would stop. I can do several of these cycles in a row with minutes, up to 5 in between. At times there has been some shooting/dripping with the spasms which seem stronger. If in the mood, the last orgasm I allow is a complete one. That is usually just a bit of leaking, but very strong contractions.
So, I have been thinking of ruined orgasms and am wondering if I could be doing more. One sub sent an email which I have reprinted with his permission, of course:
“Playing the other night was very intense and HOT! The feelings were very intense every time you almost got me off… and it still left me very aroused, hard, and wanting more, and finally wanting you to just let me have that explosive orgasm.
The ruined orgasm felt like this: I got feelings of an orgasm, then barely started to ejaculate and you just stopped stimulation. I was actually ejaculating but in drips, not in spurts, and the intense feelings of the orgasm were pretty much over. I love being controlled by you!
So, I asked some kink friends what They liked about Ruined Orgasms or what their experiences were.  I will make that a part two to this topic. 

I love ruined orgasms


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