It constantly amazes me when I get men on the phone who want a good ole
fashion tease and denial session. but can’t truly stand it. I try to edge
them a good 4 or 5 times and usually they are spent. This is just no fun for
me! So what I want you to do is really work at keeping yourself on the edge
without going over.

How do you do that? Easy! Practice!

This lesson is pretty simple, start with this and try it over and over
again. Once you feel you have truly mastered it move on to a live call or
wait for Part Two of this series.

First, strip for me. Completely. If you are one of those boys that
masturbates with your shirt on I simply can’t be bothered. Take it *all*
off! Good, now lube up your cock. I don’t care whether you are a baby oil,
lube or lotion guy, I just want a nice shiny cock to start with.

Work it slowly. Your dominate hand on your shaft, your other hand exploring
the outer edges of your crotch. Get up under your balls, play with that
flesh between your ass and balls. Tease and pinch that crease between your
thighs and crotch. Get the blood pumping to the entire area.

Now, really work the head for me. First palming it like a doorknob, then do
my “kiss the sky” move. This is when you use your thumb as a pivot point
directly behind the top lip of your cockhead. Wrap your fingers underneath
and stroke them up and down, leaving your thumb in place. Let your fingers
roll all the way over your cock head. Really work that fleshy underside.

Let the pressure build a bit. Look at naughty pictures or imagine me blowing
hot air on your cock. Then begin nice long, full strokes. Let your pinkie go
over your cockhead and then all the way to base of your balls. Pick up the

Feel that pressure building, the power flowing from your dick, filling your
balls. Don’t stop. Enjoy the edge. When you *really* think you can’t go
anymore count to 5 in your head. You will be amazed how long you can do
this. Once you finish your count, take your hands off and give yourself a 15
second break. Then start all over again. Repeat this 4 or 5 times. Each time
try to count to a higher number.

This will get you started on a good edging session. Look for Part Two soon!

Or, if you want that Live Phone Sex Session Now? 800-601-6975