Holly's guided masturbation assignment for youFor this guided masturbation assignment, what I would like you to do is
visualize a woman in your life. Maybe your secretary, a co-worker or even
the lady that delivers your muffins. It doesn’t matter who it is. just someone that turns you on during a typical work day.

Take your dick out and begin to slowly stroke it as you visualize her. Let her fill your mind. Imagine her getting ready in the morning. Begin your fantasy in the steam filled shower. Watch as she uses a loofah all over her body. See the water dripping off her chest. Keep your strokes slow but steady.

Now imagine her primping and dressing for the day ahead. Don’t rush this.
Piece by piece and bit by bit, from picking out her panties to applying make
up. Go ahead and pause this recording until you have her ready to walk out
the door.

Good boy, you can begin stroking a bit faster. This is the important piece
of the puzzle. Will you be able to keep your cool when you see her? She
strolls in the office as usual and you spot her. Your cock reacts at the
sight of her.

The difference is today you know exactly what she is wearing under her
clothes. It’s like Superman’s x-ray vision.

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guided masturbation with holly

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