All Tied up with Mistress Holly Welcome to my humble abode, puppet. You are in for a real treat tonight. You
are going to have fun on my brand spanking new bed. Imagine my luscious
chocolate sheets and cushy foam mattress. Go ahead and strip for me. I want
to see every inch of you.

I’m going to stay fully dressed of course. All dolled up in a fantastic
black plush babydoll with fur edges, tiny black thong and tall toeless

I instruct you to lay back on the bed, head on my huge overstuffed goose
down pillows. Lay flat on the luscious duvet and lay quiet. I am going to
light some candles, a stick of incense and put the lights out. I hope you
realize you are totally under my control.

If this concept is hard to grasp now. it won’t be for long. I pull up from
the corners of the bed these little black straps. I begin by tying your
right foot and then right leg to the posts of the bed. You begin to shift
and giggle. I give you a stern look that this is no game. Shush! I will be
the only one giggling tonight!

I move to the opposite side of the bed and tie up your left leg and arm.

Do you feel vulnerable? You should.

The first thing I do is grab another black strap from under the bed. This
one is going over your eyes. With this on you will have no idea what
direction I am coming from. Now you fully understand the foam mattress as
it doesn’t give away my position at all.

I start with a long feather, barely touching your right kneecap, tracing up
your inner thigh, then lifted. Left kneecap going in the same direction,
just before your crotch it is lifted.

Then I crawl between your legs and blow hot breath right on the tip of your
cock. Then it is gone.

Then I gently give you a kiss across your lips and my nails drag down your

Hmm, this is getting me very excited. When you are ready to pick this story
up and see what happens next, call me!

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