Here I come across the shiny tile floors, all you can hear are my 5 inch black leather heels tapping on the floor. *click* *click* Coming closer and closer. You hear me but can’t see me. Your sitting in your favorite chair in the middle of the room. I reach around and blind fold you. You’re a little nervous but just taking in my scent calms you so. Rubbing my breast against your back and reaching around to feel the rise in your jeans. You’re very aroused and excited for what’s coming…
I move my body to position myself in front of you. I reach down grabbing both of your hands pulling them to my bare hips. Gliding your big strong hands up and down my hips; wrapping them around to lock your fingers on my ass. Swaying back and forth between your legs moving my knees up and down your inner thighs. I start to hear small quiet moans coming from your open mouth. I think I can almost see you drooling. I know that your hard cock is pulsating against your tight jeans. Wanting to come out and play.

I move a few inches from your inner thighs and turn to rest my ass on your lap. I can feel you quiver in that chair and you start to beg. Begging me to release you from your pants so that you can stroke for me. NO! Not yet Im still enjoying the teasing. Teasing your cock is my favorite pass time, keeping you on the edge is always the name of my game.
I can’t wait till you call and we can continue this teasing game. You won’t want a quickie as long as you follow my teasing plan.

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