The art of the tease is pretty simple for Me. All that is needed is a
great deal of desire and then just add a touch of lust and presto,
instant bliss is achieved. It is harder
for a man to tease and deny than a woman. It almost goes against the
very nature of a man to deny a woman what she wants. Why would he
ever want to deny her? So I feel if a man can tease and deny himself,
he will be pretty incredible in bed. One thing I truly enjoy is when
it is mutual. If both partners are in a place where neither party can
leave, then the fun can really begin.

If you wish for it to be a mutual session of tease and denial then I
suggest being sexually frustrated in public places. An example of
this would be taking your lover to a place where you will not be able
to touch her. One of the things I absolutely love to do is to wear
bright panties and a flirty skirt. I wear clothing where you can just
barely see the lace on My thigh highs. It gives my lover an idea of
what he might be able to expect later on while we are alone in my

Of course it also doesn’t help his frustration when I accidentally
flip the back of My skirt up so he sees My bright pink satin panties
framing my firm ass.

What can I say, I live to inspire….
I look forward to speaking to you soon and inspiring you with my mind,
body and voice.

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