My sweet little darling,  you have been a bad, bad boy! I saw you stroking the other day behind my back. Don’t you know that I want to be around each and every time you touch that cock? *giggle* I love to see you play with it.

Your punishment will be simple. I am going to strip you down and tie you up. I know it is a bit out of character for me but, let’s run with it. I am going to tie you up spread eagle and tease you all over. I’ll start by kissing your feet, occasionally licking as I move up your legs. My tits are in full view as I graze up by your cock. My perfectly manicured fingers working up both sides of your hips… slightly tickling the sides of your stomach. Grinding myself on your thigh you start to feel the warmth of my pussy through my panties. I bet you like the feel of that soft and lacy panties as they grind against you, moving up your thigh. I start to kiss and lick the bottom right of your rib cage. My hands moving up your chest and I begin grabbing your hair in my fist. I’m straddling you now. My pussy barely hovering above that rock hard cock. I lightly tap the head of your cock against my wet panties as you feel the precum ooze.

Do you feel that pressure mounting? The heat from your crotch moving up and down your body? You know full well that I am in complete control. Maybe I will feed you a nipple or maybe I will just leave you tied up. All alone to think about what you did! Next time you want to stroke you better include me puppet!

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