Tease and Denial is my way of teasing a man mercilessly to the brink of orgasm over and over again and never actually giving him any relief. The extended erotic agony of no relief for the man, although it is extremely frustrating, can also be blissfully enjoyable to me! I know I am powerful enough to tease and deny you enough so you will end up being putty in my hands!

I love to engage in much tease and denial for hours.  I torment because I can; because I want to, and I love every second of it! I love knowing how you suffer for me because of my instruction!

My favorite is a sub who cries, truly begging to cum, yet struggling with the desire to cum; not wanting to cum at the same time because he knows it will displease me. A good sub will go through begging and negotiating, but will succumb to my needs.  I will keep him denied until I want to hear his release, and not a moment before that. He will never stroke until I tell him to do so!

I love a sub that can lie in bed and follow each and every one of my instructions to edge himself for two or more hours, then beg me for an intense orgasmic release. This makes me giddy because I can deny him again, and again! This part is the best, when I know the blue balls will start! I know that the ache will prevent sleeping. The throbbing just won’t go away all night.

~ Ms. Delia ~

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