You think I don’t know the effect I have on you? A young, pretty girl like
me…perky breasts, long legs, tiny waist and curvy ass. Sweetie, I have your
number. You love to watch me out in my yard, sun bathing. Stretched out on
a lawn chair, wearing a tiny string bikini…my top untied, lying face down. My
eyes are closed, but not completely. I see you standing in your window
watching me. Looking me up and down. From my arched feet, up my tanned,
lean body to my waist length silky hair.

I don’t have to read minds to know what you are thinking. “I wonder what
she looks like naked?” Right? Imagining yourself running your hands over
my lithe frame, at my smiling invitation. Why do you think I hold my top to
my breasts, sit up and “accidentally” drop my top? That is for your
enjoyment. Something to keep you up at night.

When I come out of the house in my ultra short skirt, barely covering my
bubble butt, I feel your eyes on me. Your wife is probably in the room with
you. No idea of what a naughty man she is married to. But I know. And I
intend to tease you unmercifully. Wearing sheer tops with sexy bras
underneath. Or no bra at all! Knowing my perfect, perky breasts are
jiggling as I walk by.

Once in a while, changing in my room with my blinds half open. Dark
outside, lights on inside. Turning my bedroom into a stage for you. Feeling
your eyes ogling me from the dark window of your home. I take my
time…pulling my top off over my head…turning my back to the window to reach
back and unhook my bra. Turning back around to give you an eyeful. Stretching
a bit, then walking around in nothing but my little thong. Bending to pick
up things. Sitting on my bed to do some exercises.

When I feel you have had about all your aching cock can handle I…want to
know what I do next? Click to hear.

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