Hey there, stroker boy! I’ve been dying to tease you, you know? I love how you tremble when I touch you. I adore how your mouth waters when I rub my curvy ass up against you. It makes me smile when I see how you’re shifting your cock in your pants so I won’t notice your throbbing boner… but I do notice and that makes me even more excited. But left to your own devices, I’m sure you’d reach out and take what you want. So I’ll be tying you up for this tease. You’ll sit naked for me in that chair and let me bind you so that I can tease you without the distraction of your wandering hands.

Once you’re in position, I’ll start a slow strip tease… first I’ll start with my stockings… black lace stay ups. I prop one foot between your legs and peel it off while I allow you that small glimpse of my panty gusset. When it’s off, I drape it across your shoulders, rub it against your face so you can catch my scent… then I drape it on that throbbing cock you have no hope of hiding. Next comes the other, then I turn my back to you and slip off my panties underneath my skirt. That wet gusset you were staring at? It goes right over your lips when I slip my panties over your head. You wait for more clothing to come off, but I only giggle… that’s all you get, baby. No more naked from me.

You’re licking the crotch while I take those stockings and rub them teasingly against your dripping cock. You want me so much, don’t you? My stocking covered fingers milking you… oh what a delicious hand job… but will I finish it up or leave you hanging? Click below to find out the answer, stroker boy!

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