Well well well, if it isn’t my stroker sluts, back for more training with Drill Sargeant Heather! :giggle:  Yes, boys, it’s been a while since I have given those cocks a good workout, but I’m sure that you have appreciated the break, haven’t you?  Or have you let those cocks get out of shape in between drills?  Mmmm well shame on you if you have not been keeping those cocks in shape, because I’m about to give them a really good workout to get things back into format!

Drop those pants and take out those cocks for inspection. Yes, they had all better be clean shaven and rock hard. I want them rock fucking hard before I even have you start stroking! They should be able to get hard upon command and stay hard until I say otherwise!  Holy hell, this is worse than I thought… you have all let those cocks turn into a bunch of pansy asses!

Well that just is not going to be accepted, troops.  Start stroking those cocks and I want you to keep stroking them until you feel like you’re going to explode. I mean, right up to the point of no fucking return! Do not stop until you get there, no matter what, and when you finally reach the point where you cannot hold back one more stroke, click below and read your fate!

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