I’ve noticed how you walk by my office everyday during your lunch hour, why is that? Is it because my sexy legs are seen from the big picture window that leads into my office? Or is it the way I move my mouth when taking calls and making calls? uhmmm….I wonder.

I think its a combination of all the above. You just cant stop yourself from watching me. The way I walk from my desk to the copy machine, your eyeing my smooth and silky long legs from the hem of my skirt to my sexy calves to my luscious ankles. Back and forth all day, you’ve been late getting back to your own job. On most days I’ve noticed you never leave. Are you obsessed with the tease of my body? I’m almost sure you are.

Its all about the way I tease you subconsciously, without you even knowing it I have you in Cock Tease Boot camp. I have trained you to welcome the tease to welcome the hardness between your legs that will only be satisfied by watching me. And the only true satisfaction is hearing my voice live and on the phone. Only then will you welcome the release of the inches of hardness that have kept your mind occupied. But you never call….

Only continuing to watch and be teased day after day, knowing your orgasm will only come by hearing my silky smooth voice. I know your feeling the growth in your pants as you read this and the audio below awaits your throbbing ears. But what else will be throbbing? *giggles*

Cockteasing sessions with Empress Sophia 800-601-6975