Funny how such a simple thing as tossing your hair back or licking your lips can affect a man. Take you for instance. You’ve been sitting here all night waiting for your dream girl to walk in. But in your dreams, darling… well, she’d been much more approachable, hadn’t she? This girl is more than just your dream girl, she’s aspriational. It’s like driving a Honda with your little framed picture of a Porshe in there to remind you what you want. Do you think you have what it takes to catch her eye?

You thought she didn’t see the effect she had, but to a woman like that it’s so commonplace she expects it. Every movement, every gesture is calculated to cocktease the poor, unsuspecting male… you. You’re a shark in a room packed with prey and here comes another… the cocktease extraordinaire and guess what? Her teeth are bigger. She understands you, how to use your desires against you. All you know when she approaches is you want her… and you’ll do anything, ANYTHING to have her.

So she lets you buy her drinks… she moves against you sensually on the dance floor, even playfully commenting on how mini-you must like her a lot. She drives you wild with half promises spoken in whispers… neither confirming nor denying her intent. But when the bar closes, she kisses you sweetly on the cheek and giggles, walking away… and you’re going home alone again, blueballed and aching. Do you think she’d let you cum if she could control the outcome? Obviously not… you better hope your Mistress has more mercy than that little cocktease, huh? Click below to find out if I do.

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