What can I say? Making a man all worked up, breathless and frustrated over me, totally makes my day. Taunting and teasing you is pure entertainment for a devious brat such as me. I understand how weak you are when it comes to the opposite sex, and there is nothing as powerful as using this knowledge against each and every one of you. I love it when I’m outside the front of my house cleaning my car and I catch you staring out your front window watching me. You think you are being discreet by hiding behind the curtains but you really don’t realize how much fumbling you’re doing to make the curtains move. Besides it never fails, every time I’m outside the same thing keeps happening. I just have to giggle to myself because of how hard I must make you to risk looking like a dum dum everytime I’m out there doing something.

Did you think it was an accident that I had to bend all the way over with my tight butt aimed right at your house while I was looking for change on the floor of my car? No silly, it’s because I knew you were hiding there stroking yourself while you watched me bend and clean. You deserve to be cock teased for being such a pervert and watching me. But I will admit, if I were a guy with a boring wife in a boring suburb, with a neighbor who looked like me, I’d be a stroker boy too. Oh and I’m sure that I am your jump start every morning as you watch me set off down the street for my morning jog in my adorable little shorts and tight fitting tees. It’s sure to get the blood flowing and pumping, even if it’s not where it’s supposed to be *giggle*. But don’t fool yourself stroker boy, I’ve known all along that you’ve had the hots for me and I love to tease you every single day. You think you’re slick and that I haven’t got a clue, but all this time I’ve been playing you, making you fantasize about me more and more everyday.

Be careful what you wish for stroker boy, the next thing you know I might have you jumping through all kinds of hoops for me and exploiting you for my own personal gain.

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