Yes boy, I’ve seen you glancing out of your front living room window every day that I go outside and get ready for my daily jog. I know you and all of the other boring married men on the block love to watch me jog on by your houses. You all love to get a glimpse of me with my hair pulled back in a little ponytail and dressed in my cute little running shorts, and tight fitting babytee. I know how you all love to see the outline of my bra through the white tee shirts I wear every morning, and that you love seeing my tits bounce up and down as I jog right past your house.

I’m not stupid boy. This is my morning ritual. It is a deliberate plan that I have been doing now for several years to have the whole neighborhood hard and horny for ME. Yup, that’s right. Do you think that I’m not aware of how sexy I am and how hot it makes all of you frustrated horn dogs to watch me trotting by? Oh I know! It’s the reason why all of you are extra special nice to little ol’ me. So willing to bend over backwards to mow my lawn, and wash my car, or fix something on the roof. But honestly, the best part is right before I start and I have to do my stretches on the front lawn. I spread my legs to shoulder width apart and then bend completely over so that you can see my shorts ride up to just above my ass and you catch a sight of my cheeks peeking out showing from the bottom of my shorts. That is better than the strongest coffee money can buy in the morning, isn’t it *giggle*.

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