My girlfriends are all sitting around My dorm room and we’re talking about …. Men!  Imagine that!  Well, we are.  You walk by the partially open door and hear the laughter inside.  We spot you and call you inside.  You reluctantly come in and immediately get a hardon looking at all the scantily clad women around you.  I explain that we’re talking about men and cocks.

I say, “We want to know what YOU do when you masturbate.  We’ve been talking about how each of us likes to masturbate and now we want to know what you do.  For example, do you have a favorite position — on your back, on your belly, sitting up, partially stretched out, standing up — what?”

“Oh come on, you can tell US.  After all, we can see that you’re hard.”

“Better yet, why don’t you SHOW us!”

“Yes!  Show us! Show us how you stroke that cock of yours!”

You slowly unzip your pants and your cock springs into the open.  You glance around the room …. Taking in every face gazing at you.  You start to stroke.  You can’t go too fast or you’ll cum.  You take it nice and slow…. Starting with massaging and fingering your balls.  Then you squeeze the head of your cock.

You gasp as I put lube on My hand and smooth it down the hard shaft.  You almost cum as I give the base of your cock a tight squeeze and then place your hand in position to stroke.  “That’s it, show us what we want to see.”  And, now listen to what we have to say.

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