Roll over onto your side … I’m going to curl up next to you, on MY side, behind you, like spoons … feel My legs flush against your legs….your ass curving into My warm crotch, you can already feel the heat of MY arousal can’t you?  Feel My breasts pressing into your back and My arms draped over your body, holding you tight up against My body.

Follow the instructions that I’m whispering in your ear.   First don’t use any lube.  Also, you should know that this wil be a guided masturbation session where you hardly touch your shaft and you DO NOT STROKE.

Take your free arm (since you laying on your side one arm is trapped) … so, take your free arm and bring it down…..hold your shaft but do NOT stroke.  In this session you will experience what it’s like to be “all thumbs” but in a good way.

If you want to look at something, why not bring up My photos from My blog?  Simply go to and pick some images that ahhhh, inspire you.

So, as you are holding your shaft…..start rubbing your thumb right across the head of your cock.  That’s it, just your thumb and ONLY on the top ……you can go across your pee hole ….. you can do a slow circular motion around your hole – first in one direction and then switch the direction.  Rub slowly and then speed up.  Change and experiment …. Keep bringing yourself to the edge again and again.

Then, click here for your final instructions.

Now, FEEL My body pressed against you, holding you, guiding you.  Resist the urge to stroke down …. I know you want to ….you want to squirm and move, but do NOT do it.  Use your thumb and ONLY your thumb….NO STROKING.  When you have an orgasm using this technique, it’s AMAZING, very intense and more cum than you can imagine.  And, you’re going to keep imagining what it would be like….because I’m NOT going to let you cum.  Giggle  If you’d like to try and change My mind, call 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Olivia.

Guided masturbation sessions with Ms. Olivia 800-601-6975