You will need talcum powder for this masturbation session.  If you don’t have talc, you can also use cornstarch.  No lube for you this time.  I’m going to be right here with you … watching … getting turned on by watching you masturbate for Me according to My Instructions.

Now, lean back …. Sprinkle some talc on your fingers ….. rub your fingers on the underside of your penis.  Only touch one side of your penis.  You’re rubbing your fingers on the very sensitive vein that runs from your balls up to your cockhead.  Don’t touch the side that’s closest to your belly….you can put the palm of your hand on the length of your shaft and slide your palm up and down…..but do not touch the *front * side of your penis.

Keep rubbing….only the underside.  That’s it, you’re doing a VERY good job.  Ohhhh, I see you starting to squirm a bit.  <giggle>   Now, resist the need to close your whole hand around your shaft.  Do Not Do It.  Just rub.  I want you to use just your fingers and/or the palm of your hand on that one side of your shaft.  How do you feel?  How does your cock feel?  How do your balls feel?  Did you EVER know there were so many uses for talcum powder … or cornstarch for that matter!

I know you want to cum, I know you do.  I can see it in your face….and everywhere else.  Click the button below to see if you get to cum.

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