What is it about getting a man all wound up that gives me such pleasure, my little stoker boy? I want to see just how frustrated I can make you. I want your cock on end and your veins popping. Do I want you to cum? We’ll see if you earn that prize, but one thing is certain: I don’t want you to cum YET.

And make no mistake, I’ll make it very difficult for you. First, I want you in a straight backed chair, naked, sitting on your hands. I need to get dressed so I can properly show you who’s boss. You just watch while I peel off my clothes, watch as I slide on a pair of stockings and garter belt, leather corset, and lethal black stilettos. Is that cock hard, already? Of course it is! The tease has already begun. But I’m not yet satisfied–I think we can get that cock harder than that!

Maybe I should speak to that cock directly–get down, nice and close to it, and whisper a little pep-talk to it. Look at that! I think it’s working. I can see your cock stiffening more and more at my encouraging words…or is it just reacting to my hot breath blowing on the tip as I talk? Is it just reacting to my long blonde hair tickling your balls?

But I know you’ll need a little pep talk too, which is why I’ll stand over you, my legs on either side of your chair, lean down (I see you staring at my cleavage, you naughty boy!) and whisper in your ear exactly how I want you to stroke. Now you can finally take your hands out from under you and place them on your cock–but remember to do EXACTLY as I say. I know it can make you a little over eager with my pussy hovering over your cock the way it is, my pet, but you won’t cum until I demand that you cum!

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