Oh stroker boy… here stroker boy…where are you? I knew where you were all along. You were standing in the shadows of my closet as I undressed. I slipped the strap of my silky camisole down revealing my bare shoulders. As I slipped off the second strap I leaned my head back and licked my lips anticipating watching you. I caressed my neck and wiggled off my camisole. You had your hand on the front of your jeans. You mouth was partly as you watched closely as I teased your into a frenzy. You saw me slide my hand up to my hand and grab it in my hand as you began to unzip your pants. *Giggle*
You tried to get your cock out quickly though it was throbbing in your hand from anticipation. That’s right stroker boy, I know what I’m doing to you. I want you to imagine yourself in my room as I slip off my cutoff skirt. Mmmmmm. I’m standing in front of you wearing a black lacey pushup bra with rose patterns on it and a red silky thong that is slid up my ass right now. I walk closer to the closet and unsnap my bra with one hand and with the other I start to guide yours. Imagine me with my hand helping you wrap around your dick, which is swollen and hard right now. Slid your hand down around the base of your cock and back up to the head caressing it, savoring each delicious sensation. Hmmmmm. Doesn’t that feel good? Stroke it faster for me as you imagine my breasts so close to your cock. Stroking you cock feeling that familiar tingling sensation getting it hot in your hand. Now imagine me turning around, swaying my hips from side to side as I place my hands in my hair, giving you a lap dance. Stroker boy… stroker boy… tell you Mistress how much you want you want me. Hmmmm. Slide that hand around that cock and listen to my voice as I guide you.

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