Every morning I wake up horny. I bet you do too, don’t you? A long time ago I began masturbating before I get out of bed. So my morning regime includes a special friend I can my Magic Wand. Even if I have a boy toy with me I still want the intense vibration of my Magic Wand, however he can help in other ways. This morning you’re going to be my boy toy. Together we’ll masturbate.

Imagine me lying in my big beautiful bed completely naked. I always sleep naked. I might go to bed wearing something sexy, however some time in the night I peel it off. I love to feel the cool breeze from my ceiling fan on my flesh. You come and wake me up with an aromatic cup of java. Hmmmmm my favorite. I stick my finger into the warm coffee and then I place my finger in your mouth. “Want a taste lover?” My smoky blue eyes staring into your eyes as I take that same finger and put it between my legs on my slippery wet pussy. I allow the slippery fluids to collect in two fingers. I then bring them up to your nose, wave my scent for you to savor before placing them into your mouth. “Does that taste good my lover?”

I reach over and grab my Magic Wand and place it against my clit. You stroke with your right hand, however I grab your hand and pull it to my wet pussy. With the magic wand in place I slip your finger inside of me. Lets cum together.

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