Take off your clothes.  Stretch out on the bed.  Look down at the foot of your bed as I walk into your bedroom.  I take your ankles and move your legs apart.  While I’m doing that I want you to reach down with one hand and cup your balls, lightly scratching then, then lightly squeezing them.

Now, watch….watch as I unbutton My blouse, you can see the swell of My breasts inside my lacy bra.  I turn around and undo My skirt….and slide it down My hips, down my legs and then bed over to pick it up after I step out of it.  Squeeze your balls right as you look at My delicious ass.  I turn and face you again, putting two hands on the bed….then My knees and I start crawling on all fours right up between your legs.

A beautiful woman has amazing power over a man and I ENJOY feeling the power I have over you…..can you feel that energy?  If you please Me…I will take you deeper … eventually you will be My Toy and you won’t care … I will take you as I please … when and where and how I want.  I will always be in Control … you will not know how you got here … only that you have arrived, right here on the edge of the abyss.  Gasping.  Heart racing.  Skin tingling. “Intense” won’t even begin to describe the experience.

It is the experience we are beginning right here.  And you know that, don’t you?

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