So are you ready to hurt for me?  Ache for Me, Cry for me?  I sure hope so because that is what I like for you to do.  Today I want you to shop for some rubber gloves, not latex but thick rubber.  I want you to get some lube, use lots and coat your cock with it.  I want you to stroke at a fast pace for five rminutes, moving your hand up and down your well lubed cock, long strokes from the base and over the head, just do this for five minutes or until you can not stand it anymore.  Now Stop, lube your indext finger and move down to the crack of your sweet bottom.
Now I know some men are dead set against putting anything into their tight asses and others are all for it,lube up your gloved hand and just tease over the entrances, very slow, very gently and if you get the urge then push your finger in and out of your tight tight ass, now if you dont like that just tease up and down the area between your balls and your ass, you have to enjoy this or you are numb.

Now take and just lube that cock again for slow strokes, use that gloved hand to move up and down the shaft at a slow pace, very soft, gentle, easy and long strokes.  Just keep that cock nice and hard for me, easy and slow, dont get it to the point of wanting to cum, just keep it nice and hard.  Now stop for five minutes.  Get ready, we are almost done and you are going to see if you are going to be allowed to cum!  Wrap your hand around your cock, all lubed, with the glove and now move your hips, stroke your cock back and forth between your fingers, fast, hard, steady but only by moving your hips, working them, fucking your hand…….faster now, get to the edge, but dont you dare cum, ride the edge until you cant stand it anymore…… are you aready?  Do you want to cum?  Hmmmm well let’s see if you get to, click the button below!

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