How are you doing today stroker boys? Do you think you are ready for what I have in store for you? Do not answer that until you are finishes. Take your cock out for your Mistress Sarah right now. Squeeze it tight for me and say out loud, “My cock belongs to you Mistress Sarah.” Say it again three more times stroker boy.

No lube is necessary for this guided masturbation assignment. I want you to spit in your hand for lubricant and rub it all over Mistress Sarah’s cock. That’s right stroker boy. It is my cock. Get my cock hard as it can get. Keep stroking is slowly feeling the arousal tingling through your body. Is that cock hard yet? If it is good then start beating it off really fast. Spit in your hand again and start beating off that erect penis for your Masturbatrix Sarah. You are allowed to keep stroking it fast until you reach the edge but there is a catch. I want you to keep repeating that line I taught you earlier, “My cock belongs to Mistress Sarah.” Say that line over and over again until you reach the edge while beating your meat super fast. If you mess up the line even once then you must stop stroking immediately for 1 minute. You will then start all over again stroker boy. It will not be easy.

Did you get your one edge in. Once you edge the first time slow down your stroking for 3 minutes straight. I want your stroking to be with the slightest gentle touch. Your hand will gently touch the cock.

When you are done with the slow stroking for 3 minutes now start beating it off really fast again repeating my favorite line I wish for you to confess out loud. You must follow my previous instructions when you say it as well. Remember the line, “My cock belongs to Mistress Sarah.” That’s a good boy. If you mess up then you have to start at the beginning to earn another edge. I want 2 more edges. That means bring yourself close to orgasm then stop stroking just long enough to gain your composure then start up again. Got it!

Now that you are done with my instructions I want you to listen to your fate stroker boy.

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