Well, well, well… what do we have here? Oh sweety, you’re all worked up! Was it my new black corset, laced so very tightly in the back, emphasizing the curve of my waist and pushing my breasts up high? Or maybe it’s the panties, they are such a sheer black, aren’t they? If you look really closely, you can almost see my pussy right through them. And I know you’re loving the garters and fishnet stockings, always your favorite. But you’re kneeling down before the pinnacle of my power, those five inch fuck me pumps, slick, black leather that promise you things I’ll never give you. Even kneeling there before me a beggar, you know you haven’t a chance in hell. I’m a professional cocktease, baby, it’s what I do!

I know you study my pictures for hints of just what it would take to get into my panties. You examine my secret smile and theorize what would make it happen just for you. You accept my teasing and taunting without question or anger because time spent with me being tease and denied is worth more to you than a thousand one night stands. You worship me, you adore me and you can’t get enough of the humiliating thrill you feel when I laugh at you and tell you know. Now kiss my feet, lick my shoes like a good boy. Look up at my body, the body you’ll never, ever feel beneath you. Be happy with what I give you, I own you, you know? I make all the demand, you’re not given that privilege. If you’re lucky I’ll let you sniff my ass and jerk it… or maybe not, lol. Click the audio to find out if you’ll remain teased or by some fluke of the universe, pleased.

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