I know you have been thinking about me for a long time.  How could you not, a sexy, little Princess that knows exactly how to mold you into her perfect stroker boy.  You know how it feels when I wrap my hand around you and make you enjoy every single stroke I allow you to experience.  So today my little stroker boy, we are going to experience a bit of guided masturbation and when you get so turned on that you can’t stand it,  we will stop and then continue again.  ~giggle~

First off, get lubed up,  I want you to get comfortable, have a towel, turn down the lights and just relaxed.  You can play one of my audio’s, I will have one on my bog for you to enjoy or the free audio forum.  Hear me as I tell you how to tease up and down the shaft, gentle strokes at first, then faster, harder bring that cock to the edge, over and over.  That’s right, I want you to bring that cock to a build up, start sliding your hand up and down the shaft slow for 3 minutes, then up and down faster, going over the head and back down for one minute, then finish the last minute with edging, riding the wave, feeling the build and enjoying every stroke but DO NOT CUM.  I want you to continue this until you have edged 5 times, if it takes you longer to stroke to the edge, then add time, if shorter stroking time is required, fine, just don’t cum yet!

Now that you have heard me encouraging you, bringing you to the edge, time and time again it is time for you to see what I have in store for you.  Will I let you cum, or not?  Click below and see what your Stroke Princess has to say! ~giggle~

Guided Masturbation sessions with Princess Lilah 800-601-6975