Does Mistress Cassandra ever let boys cum? You bet she does, but they must earn it.
If I decide to take on your training, then it is most likely that I like that cock you are wearing. It doesnt mean it’s going to be easy by any means. It means you will work and work and work to achieve that orgasm I have been denying you for so long.
Get to work and impress me with all of the strokes you know, and the ones I tell you. With each technique you give me, I will give you a sexy pose and you will stroke to many edges. A good and impressive stroke will have the reward of my hand on that dick, and an extremely impressive stroke is the reward of the tip of my tongue…(laughs). Yes it has to be exceptional of course.
Get started now, boys, and concentrate. Close your eyes and imagine me posing for you with every technique, those edges must be intense and a bit uncomfortable. The more the precum the higher the point value . I want enough precum to fill a thimble. This will earn you the gift of cumming. If you can imagine my huge wardrobe of lingerie, stockings, and shoes, then you will have no problem getting my gracious approval! A very lucky boy who loves my satin panties on that cock will imagine the head of his cock being polished with those sexy briefs…now..will you cum?

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