Well hello stroker boy, we meet again! You want to stroke your cock for Mistress and give it a good work out don’t you. Of course, I know you want to please Mistress, and do just as I say. Proving to be a good stroker and follow My directions to a “T”. Today Mistress is going to request that you get a few items that are a little unusual. So before you begin following My directions I want you to get the following items, a ribbed condom and make sure its ribbed or it won’t have the same affect, and some KY or other water based lube. That’s all you need for today’s assignment, but oh these two items will make you want to cum for Mistress right away! However, you know that you are not going to cum, until I give you permission. That is, if I give you permission! Did I hear a moan? ~wicked laugh~
Now I want you to take the ribbed condom and turn it inside out, so the ribs will rub against your cock. Take the lube and put some in the condom and move it all around so its all over the inside. Don’t over feel about two tablespoons is enough. Now stick your cock into the condom and I want you to begin masturbating nice and slow. Feel the sensation of the ribs rubbing against your cock, every ribs stimulate every inch of your cock. Work that cock and I want you to do this for a full ten minutes. After ten minutes of stroking your cock, click below to find out if you’ve earned the right to cum or not!

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