You came to me, for control, because you need it. The question is, will you accept the tasks that Mistress sets before you – without question? Without asking, why?

You came to me, because you have read every page I’ve written, and you see yourself – or what you long to be, in my words. I can hear it in your nervous voices, the first time you call. Take a deep breath, precious – sit on your hands, and listen to what your MILF Mistresses expect.

You would be served best if you were:

Open – to allow me to probe and root out your twisted proclivities that keep complicating your life.

Honest- so Mistress can take you to the nasty places of your wet dreams, that you no longer want to keep hidden so deep.

Thoughtful– before you give the control of your cock to me.

Prepared – to show your Devotion in both work and deed.

I know as well as you that your constant jerking off is getting in the way of your day- to- day living. Hours spent searching for the next great nut, and coming up empty time and time again, is such a waste.

It is time to admit to yourself, and to me – that you are a whore to your cock – and that you won’t ever be happy, unless you have a venue show it off.

Pulling your penis with a reason and a purpose is the best path for you, with control and consistency could put you on a path that will allow you to be what you truly long to be – a whore for your Mistress.

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