Well well well….what do we have here?  Good little boy on his knees with his cock in his hand begging Lol – I love it stay there and keep begging.  As I walk in front of you with my short little denim shorts and tight tshirt, teasing you with my presence.

You’re wondering if I’m wearing anything underneath, you’re wondering if those jeans are pushed right up against my sweet pussy and ass with nothing in between.  I know what’s going through your mind as you’re looking at my hard nipples poking out of my tshirt – my full cleavage staring at you through that deep neck plunge.  Mmmmm I know you would love to taste every inch of me.

You start to beg me to take my clothes off – just a little glimpse you say, knowing full well if I gave you a glimpse you would ache for so much more.  Cock is still in your hand with a pulse of it’s own, you feel it throbbing – beating – needing me.  Your cock now belongs to me and you don’t care because you need me.  You’ve never felt like this in your life and you love it – you love the energy pulsing through your whole body you love the feeling of MY cock growing bigger and bigger with no end.  You yearn for so much more of me…

Will I give myself to you?  What do you think?  Would you love my milky white thighs wrapped around your head?  Tasting my sweet juices, letting your tongue dive deeper and deeper…mmmmm

Close your eyes and listen

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