Learning to NOT touch that cock for 3 days is an excercise that I insist all cock controlled boys need to learn. Since by the time you read this post, you probably have stroked off already, and have cum several times. This is because you were anticipating this post, werent you?
This excercise involves dedication and awareness. This excercise will prepare you for chastity, the ultimate in cock control. If you are not interested in my chastity program, then it will give you more discipline at least.
Every morning, when a guy stirs out of a sleep, he will normally touch his cock, jerk off, or simply just fondle it for a few minutes before he gets out of bed. You will not do that for three days. You will wake to a shower. The soap does not go near the cock. Instead you will get shower gel to pour on the cock, letting the shower head work up suds, then rinse without touching. You will be allowed to dry it off with a large towel, briefly. A pair of very tight speedos will work as a mock chastity device, holding that dick firm as it gets hard throughout the day. If you have a cock ring or a leather restraining sheath, by all means put that on too. For three days you will do this and you will not cheat.
Througout the day,you will download your favorite porn and get very hard without touching. You will find yourself rubbing up against things . That is a very big no no. Ball touching is a no no. You may scratch the cock with a back scratcher briefly. You are not allowed to fuck your wife or girlfriend. This excercise is done best while they are out of town, or if you are out of town.
On the fourth day , follow the instuction on the short audio.

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