I love being called a tease. It just reminds me that you aren’t in control and I am. I know that you can barely control yourself when you look at me, wishing I would pay more attention to you.

Too bad you aren’t a college professor here; you would get to try to survive my teasing on an almost daily basis. Especially if you were one of my favorites. Just imagine how you would sit in the front of the class, trying to teach a lesson, while I am at my desk. My short skirt sliding up my smooth tan legs, closer and closer to my soft panties, as I cross my legs.

You know you want me to stay after class and when I do, and perch lightly on the edge of your desk, asking you in a soft voice what I can do to make sure I pass your class…The tease gets even more intense then.  Now that I’ve seen how excited you are and you have gazed at me while aching to slip your hand up my thigh, I know. Once I know what I can do to you, then I am in control of you and your cock. My teasing becomes a game to me and a torment to you. Every day I’ll walk in, skirt short, bending over so it rides almost up to my ass, as I dig through my bag, staying after with questions until finally you can’t take it anymore and you put your hand on my leg fingers reaching up under my skirt.

That’s when I’d laugh at you and scoot forward, your fingers moving up between my legs, the damp pink almost within your reach, before I’d slap your hand away and giggle, telling you I was sure I’d pass now.  Because now, you know you are in my control. Just as I’ve known all along.

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