Hello there my little Pet’s and Stroker’s I know you have been waiting a long time to be teased by your Goddess. Well today is your lucky day! Just sit back and hang on every word, today might not only be a teasing but a very pleasing day. You will just have to keep reading to find out. Dont be a cheater and scroll down to get to the good stuff, most the good stuff is right here.

Now that ive got your attention you need to sit back and relax and give your all to me. Be completly naked so that i can tease every inch of your nakedness with all of my smooth silky soothing parts. Taking my hands and moving them up and down your body, you can feel every nerve ending come alive.

Now its your turn, you must focus on every one of my touches. The touch you will feel gliding down your chest to each one of your nipples. The touch down to your belly button racing right past down to your love line, following it on further to the base of your hot throbbing cock. Teasing from the tip to the base with the tips of my finger nails. Gliding back up and down that tight hard shaft.

As I dance around your naked body I will tease every inch of your hardness and have you in the palm of my hands. Dont worry I promise not to tease you to long before giving you everything you need and desire. The question is how long is “not to long” *giggles*

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