I’m Princess Britany. Im into teasing your cock and driving you crazy. Look at my long sexy legs and if you can imagine, think of yourself lying on your back, looking up my short little skirt. To make things hotter, I think I’ll be wearing some high sexy mules. I’ll tap my foot a number of times and you will stroke your cock to the varying taps of my foot on the tile. Some taps will be slow and some very fast! ((Giggle))…your eyes focus very hard on the pink thong bikini panty and whats underneath. This makes your cock so much harder. To make you harder, I squat down slowly with your tongue straining to reach my pussy. Then I stand up tall and laugh. I lift up my little shirt showing off one firm sexy titty. That’s worth ten strokes, and if I show you the other, twenty strokes. But you cant cum. Not until I give permission , if I give permission. If I pull my panties to the side, that’s worth seven strokes. Seven only because my brazilian may just bring you over the top without permission. After that I can see the precum welling out of the head of your dick. I take my perfectly manicured index finger to touch it and rub it for only less than a minute. Poor poor boy, so hard so frustrated. I think I’ll start the whole circuit over again. Will I , shall I let you cum? Have you been a good enough boy for me today?

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