Hello stroker boy. I know your aching to stroke that cock for Mistress.. I want you to get some lube, place it in some hot water for the next 10 minutes and pick out a mirror where you can watch yourself stroke for this assignment.
Now if you have warmed lube, get undressed and stand in front of the mirror. Look at your cock, and start to caress it. Nice and easy, run your finger up one side and down the other. Cup your balls and squeeze gently. Go back up your cock, circle around the head. Begin stroking for Mistress, stroke hard and fast for a total count of 25. Now stop, and again caress your cock, up one side, and down the other. Grab the lube and put some on your index finger. Doesn’t it feel nice and warm? Circle around the head of your cock, almost like a tongue, isn’t it? ~wicked laugh~
Its time to get serious now! Put some lube in your dominant hand, and begin stroking. Feel Mistress standing behind you, looking in the mirror and watching you stroke. Stroke a total of 50 strokes and stop! Is there precum on your cock? Mmmmm, Mistress loves to see a dripping cock! Now caress that cock, up one side and down the other, squeezing your balls when you reach them. Lube your hand again, and give Mistress 25 strokes, then STOP! Wait about a minute, and give Mistress 20 more. STOP! Give Mistress 15 strokes! STOP! Again wait about a minute. I want you to do this until you worked your way down to 5. Then click below for your last instruction!

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