Hey there stroker boy. I know why you’re here today. You were feeling that urge, that want deep down inside. You knew you just had to stroke that hard cock, and why stroke alone. It feel so much better when you are giving directions and guided alone. Well you are in luck stroker boy, because today you’re not only going to stroke with someone, but with a cockteasing Princess no less.

What you need for Me today is some slick lube and some shoelace or strong string of some kind. Go ahead and get it for Me.

Now that you have that, I want you to take that shoelace and wrap it around that cock and balls. Nice and tight, in a figure eight. But make sure when you tie it, that you have one piece of the shoelace longer then the other, like a tail. After you have tied those balls and cock up for Me, I want with the tail for you to tie a knot in it, then tie another knot over it. That’s right. Now you are going to lift your bottom up off the chair, and make it so that knot is pressed right against your ass hole. Yes you read that right. Not pushing it in, just right there, against it. Then you can sit back down, feeling how it presses against you. Yes teases you even.

Now that is done, go ahead and drip that lube down over the head of your cock. Feel how it slips right down the shaft. So yummy I know. Now just take your fingertips and slowly slide them up and down your shaft. Caressing your cock with just the smallest lightest touch. I want you to look at the time, because you are going to tease with your finger tips for the next five minutes. Starting now…..

Now I want you to take both your hands, wrapping them around your cock, fingers interlocked. Now with both hands as one, I want you to slowly start pumping up and down. Nice slow strokes. Pumping up and down for Me. Now you are going to do that for another five minutes. Go!

Mmmmm, so hard already. ::giggles:: I know stroker boy. Now you are going to keep your hands just like that, but each time you come to the head, you are going to stop, squeeze tight three times, and then pump back down hard. Come on, that’s right. Up that cock, stop, squeeze it, squeeze it, squeeze it, and then hard back down. Keep that up. Over and over again. You are such a good little cock stroker for Me.

Now take those hands away. Yes, you can do it. Grab that lube and put more on. I want it really wet now. Take just one hand this time, wrap it around that throbbing cock for Me and stroke it. Nice full long strokes, steady up and down. Do this for Me for another five minutes. After you are done, you can listen to find out if I give you the pleasure of cumming, or the privilege of holding it all in all in for Me. Five more minutes, then you find out your fate.

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