Ok strokies.  Let’s set a scene here.  First, turn on your favorite stroking music.  If your wife or girlfriend is around have her join you.  She can stroke herself while you’re stroking.  If she’s not around, that’s OK.  Just imagine that she’s there and visualize what she’d be doing.

Now, get naked.  Be sure you have your lube nearby.  Sit back in an easy chair or at one end of the sofa.  Be sure you and your lady can both see each other easily.  Look at her, smile, anticipate enjoying your own stroking session and watching her stroke.

Start with your nipples.  Work slowly and gently, but get them really hard.  Watch your lady stroke her breasts at the same time.  As you begin to feel tingling all the way down in your groin, know that she is feeling that same kind of excitement.

Now stroke your body.  Slow, sexy strokes.  Watch your lady stroke and imagine it’s her hands on you.  Slowly slide your hands onto your groin and stroke gently.  Feel those tingles increase.  Move to the outsides of the hips, the thighs and the inner thighs.  Go slowly and watch your lady stroking herself.

OK.  Now up the ante a bit.  Slide a hand onto those balls.  Stroke them; feel how heavy and full they are.  Slide a finger underneath and massage that sensitive spot.  If you’re not moaning and groaning now, you’re not doing any of this right.  And by now your lady would have left the room in disgust.  However, if you’re following instructions, that didn’t happen.

OK.  Wrap your other hand around the base of the cock and begin to stroke.  Keep stroking those balls too!  Slowly increase the speed of your strokes until you are right at the edge.  Stay right there.  Don’t leave that edge.  Every so often, stroke just a bit faster, getting even closer to the edge.  Last at least 10 minutes this way.  Show your lady you are the man who can last long enough to satisfy her.  No cumming!

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