This is Empress Cassidy and you are at Tease Mafia, you pathetic little stroker boy.  I am going to tell you right off that listening to this while you read is going to make it so much hotter for you. After all you will get to hear my sexy voice guiding you through this masturbation session. Of course you can just read it, but then you will be missing out on hearing each breath I take while teasing you and every giggle that passes my lips.

Now, on to our session where I allow you to stroke my cock. Yes mine and I like to remind you of that since you tend to forget.

I want you to get your lube and find the one place in the house you never go to stroke. Is it your kitchen? The living room? Maybe it’s the garage or on your back porch?  Wherever you never go is where you need to be for this game, because that is your taboo spot. Something in your mind knows you are very naughty for going there, so go!

You will lube up and stroke, not too fast, just a nice steady pace. That’s right bad boy, you can’t rush it. Oh no no, this is all part of the fun. You are allowed to go faster as you get closer, but you must stay in your little secret spot until you finish.

Once you have done it, once you have gone to the one place you always avoid when you stroke and made my cock cum, you can call and tell me all about how naughty you felt and maybe I’ll let you cum again. Or maybe not…

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