Hello there, boys. I know you all love to stroke and play.  Just lately I have been having a lot of fun teasing and toying with some very unruly cocks, so I decided coming to tease mafia again was the perfect idea.  If you know me at all, then you know I love to play games and guide you in your masturbation, so today we are going to play a game that you may not have played since you were a child and I promise you, it’s one you will never look at the same way again.

The game requires only for you to be have lots of lube and be prepared to do exactly as you are told.  It is called Red Light Green Light or Stop and Go or maybe Hot and Cold, any of those things are all the same game.  The game goes like this, when I say “Go”, you start stroking your cock.  You can stroke as slow or fast as you choose.
See I’m so sweet I let you decide if you stroke fast or slow.

But there is a catch, because when you are happily stroking along, I can at any point say “Stop!” and when I say stop, you have to take your hand completely off your cock. I mean drop it like it’s hot.
Now I want you to get someplace comfortable and prepare to start stroking. Of course, I’m not promising that this game ends in anything more than you being frustrated. After all it wouldn’t be a tease if you knew the out cum was a sure thing.

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