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But one thing… you don’t cum until I tell you to. Oh, you look nervous. Are you afraid I’ll blueball you again? Moi? You think a cockteaser like me would do a thing like that? Well, I haven’t promised you anything, have I? I won’t either, my decision is strictly performance based. Amuse me and you might earn a chance for complete release from your humiliation. Go ahead, pump your fist on it, any way you like until you feel your balls tighten and the aching start. Then let go. Edge your cock for me, you know you want to drift there, don’t you? Drift on the edge of orgasm, over and over waiting for your Mistress’s permission to finally take your satisfaction. How many times? I want you to edge ten times for me before you click the link below and discover my true intentions… What do you think it will be?

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