Hi Stroker Boys,

With this little exercise it will take you several days to complete but I will say if you follow my instructions, don’t cheat and do all you should do you will have an amazing orgasm, well that is IF I allow you to shot that cock off.  ~giggle~  I want every other day to be stroke days the days in between rest days.  So for instance, Mon, Wed, Fri could be stroke days and Tue,Thur and Sat could be rest days or vise verse but I am sure you get the idea, don’t you”  ~giggle~

The first stroking day will go like this.  I want you to get lube and lube that cock of yours up.  Soak it with the lube and make it nice and slippery.  First I want you to take your hand and stroke your hand up and down the shaft slow and smear all that lube over that cock.  I want you to work it into a frenzy, fast and hard but do not cum, bring that cock to the edge and hold it there until you feel it is going to explode, be careful, do NOT cum.  Once you get it to that special place and those balls feel as if they are going to erupt….. STOP!!  Put that cock away for two hours and no touching in those two hours.

After the two hours has passed then it is time to get out something silky and smooth, how about a pair of panties or a satin scarf, slip, something that will just slip over your cock.  I want you to wrap it around your cock and stroke up and down for five minutes, stroke slow, feel the material rubbing over that cock, enjoy the feeling, feel that cock getting hard but stroke slowly, do not let it edge yet, keep it very slow for the full five minutes.  Now let it rest for five minutes, next, take and lube up your cock, stroke fast, bring it to the edge and stop for two minutes, then back to the edge and stop for two minutes, then one more time to the edge, then stop until bedtime………..no touching, no cumming!

How is that cock feeling?  Remember, it is just the first day and you have a few days to go before you even think about cumming.  That’s right, no cumming for a few days.  This will be your last stroking session for the day.  You can do it in the shower, in the tub, in the bed or in the garage, what I am saying is anywhere you want to stroke is fine.  For the last stroke of the day it will be 15 minutes.  You will go very slow for the first 5 minutes, making that cock aware of the strokes, loving each touch, enjoying it but not to intense yet.  Now stop for two minutes, and then stroke for three minutes at a medium stroke speed and then stop for three minutes and finish off the last two minutes very, very fast, lube it, stroke it, edge it all in two minutes…………then STOP!!!  NO CUMMING!!

That concluded your first day of stroking………. you are done for a day, that is right, tomorrow is your rest day so no stroking at all…..let that cock rest but wear silky boxers or panties the whole day so they can tease that cock without stroking it………sleep in them them but no stroking or cumming.  Enjoy your rest day!

Day three and five will be the same as day one. Day four and six will be the same as day two. When you get to Sunday, the seventh day, then you get to click below and see if you get to cum……..now I hope you did not cheat, I hate little cheaters!  ~giggle~

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