OK you horny little strokers.  I know you want to stroke today, otherwise, why would you be here!  So, strip off those clothes and get your lube ready.

Start with your nipples.  Stroke them.  Roll them between your thumb and forefinger.  Pinch and twist them.  Do whatever it takes to get those nipples really hard.  I want them standing out!

Once you’ve done that, stroke your body—the sides, stomach, and belly as well as the chest.  Find all those sensitive spots that hide around your body—the ones that feel so good when your woman strokes them.  Get those nerve endings tingling.

Then slide your hands down to the groin.  Stroke around the groin, but keep your hands off your cock and balls.  The idea is for you to be more excited than you’ve ever been before you lay one finger on the cock or balls.

Stroke to the outsides of the hips, then down the thighs and over to the inner thighs.  Stroke very slowly up and down those inner thighs.  Think back to the last time your woman ran her hand up your inner thigh.  Hot, yes?

OK, now you may slide one hand up to the balls.  Stroke the balls lightly with one hand; slide a finger under those balls and massage that sensitive spot too.  Now wrap your other hand around that cock and stroke oh so slowly up and down.

Gradually increase your stroking speed until you’re at the edge.  Stay at that edge.  Moan in pleasure as you enjoy the feeling of being right on the edge.  Stay on the edge as long as you can, and then add 2 more minutes to that time.  Push yourself to feel how great it can be to sit right on the edge without cumming.

Once you’ve been at the edge for at least 10 minutes, click the button to learn your fate.

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