Hi Stroker Boy!  So you like stroking that cock of yours, don’t you?  You enjoy the feeling of it moving between your fingers either lubed or unlubed, you love watching as it expands and starts to grow and gets harder and harder.  I know you enjoy your visits to our sites, you come often, reading, looking, stroking and looking for permission to cum to one of our beautiful Mistresses instructions.  Your heart pumping, your dick throbbing as you click to see if the daily Mistress is going to allow you relieve or not.  How do you feel when you are told NO, are you disapointed, are you relieved, I know some of you like the wait while others want to cum everyday.  Hmmmm but what if the rules were changed?  Mmm how about at the beginning of the session you knew you were going to get to cum?  ~Giggle~  That’s right, I said you can cum even before clicking the button below.  Isn’t that awesome?  Hmmmm well we shall see if it is!

What you will need for this assignment is easy, lube, porn, a nice quiet place and time.  Yes, time because I did say you could cum but I did not say how many times you could cum and once is NEVER enough with me ~giggle~  That’s right, you read right, I don’t want you to cum just once, I want you to work that cock until it is so tired, that you just can’t take one more stroke, that you are no longer spurting but choking out air!  Is there ever to much of a good thing?  Oh, you bet there is because, I am the one that will show you that sometimes even the best feeling in the world can be so hard to acheve and there will be times that you will want to say no to an orgasm! ~giggle~

Get to your quiet place, get naked and lube up.  If you like porn while you stroke put it on or grab a magazine and get busy working that cock.  As I said, you are going to cum and cum and cum so just grab your cock and let’s get to working it real good!  First start by jacking your cock nice and hard, pump it fast, steady and bring it to the brink and yesssssssssss let it cum!!  Now don’t stop, keep your cock lubed and keep stroking, no resting, look at porn or what ever it take and get to the point of no return and let that cock cum again.  Now you see how easy it is, right?  Giggle, sure you do.  Cum again………that makes two times, now if you can work up a third time, do so, work hard to try………yes, I said try!  If you can meke it three times good for you, I am impressed, now try four times if you can, if not, take a bit of a break.  Wait two hours and start all over form the top, working that cock until you can’t get it to cum anymore………stop and wait two hours.  Still have balls?  Do you THINK you can handle more?  Hmmmmm  prove it, click the button below and let’s keep going!!

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