So you wanna stroke, huh?  OK – you’re going to need some things before you start.  First, get your favorite lube and keep it handy.  Second, get your dildo or buttplug and have it ready.  Finally, pull out your favorite porn pictures.  You know the ones I mean—the ones you always seem to go to when you want to get off.  So, have them handy as well.  Got everything?  Good.  We’ll start now.

Strip off all those constricting clothes—yes, I mean everything!  Then lean back in an easy chair or sofa—do not get into bed!

Pull out those porn pictures.  Look at them.  Touch them.  Imagine that those girls (or guys) are there with you, watching and encouraging you as you stroke.  Perhaps they might even lend a hand!

Keep that vision in your mind.  Slowly begin to stroke your chest and nipples.  Make sure those nipples get really hard and that you stroke them long enough to feel the excitement in your groin.

Only then may you stroke lightly up, down and around your body several times.  Go very slowly!  Find all those sensitive, exciting spots that hide all over your body.  They’re the ones that feel so good when your partner strokes them.

Slide your hands gently onto your groin and inner thighs, stroking softly.  Don’t touch that cock or balls yet!  Let the excitement build.  Feel those nerve endings beginning to pulse and let them keep getting more and more excited.

OK, finally, time to gently stroke your balls with one hand.  Give them some great love strokes.  Then slide one finger underneath those balls to massage that sensitive spot.  Use your other hand to stroke your cock.  Don’t stop stroking those balls!  Use medium speed, light strokes on that cock.  Increase the speed gradually until you are at the edge.

Stroke at the edge without cumming for at least two minutes.

Once you have done that, click the button for your final instructions.

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