OK you horny little stroker boys.  Get your favorite lube out, strip off your clothes and lean back in your easy chair.

First, you have to do some sensual stroking of your chest and nipples.  I love hard nipples; they are so sexy.  So, get those nipples really hard.  If you do it right, you’ll feel those tingles reaching all the way down to your groin.

Let’s up the ante now.  Stroke your body and find all those special spots that feel soooo good when your lady strokes them.  I’m not talking about your groin.  I’m talking about all those places on your sides, stomach and belly.  That will get the excitement building even more.

OK, now you may stroke around your groin.  Move very slowly!  Don’t touch that cock or balls yet.  Just let the excitement and anticipation build.  You’ll be very glad you did.

Stroke out to the sides of the hips now—the excitement should be getting even stronger now.  Your body should be tingling all over.  Then slide your hands over to your inner thighs.  Stroke slowly and gently up those inner thighs.  Imagine your lady’s hand moving slowly up those inner thighs, getting closer and closer.

Slip one hand onto your balls and stroke gently, lots of love strokes.  Slide one finger from the balls to that sensitive spot underneath the balls and start stroking it.

OK.  Now you can stroke your cock.  Keep stroking your balls and the sensitive spot!  Move your hand slowly up and down that cock.  Feel all the tingles and excitement you’ve built up.  Gradually increase your speed until you’re at the edge.  Stay at the edge for at least 3 minutes.

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