I love seeing the faces a guy makes when he cums. How he gasps and grunts as all that fluid comes rushing up from deep down inside of him… pulsing out in thick streams that overwhelm him with pleasure.

But what I love more is keeping him right there, just on the edge of that orgasm… that point where it feels so incredible, that it soon becomes too good, and you need to cum so badly because the sensation is now driving you insane.

That’s when all men realize they do know how to say “please” to a woman… that’s when they all learn they already know how to beg.

Go get some lube, then come back to me.

I want you to take all of your clothes off for me right now. Strip down to nothing at all, and then sit back in your chair.

Put some lube in your right hand, close your fingers around it and work it all around your palm. When your hand is completely coated, reach down and slide your fingers under your cock. Gently play with it so it starts to swell, then begin massaging it with your hand to work the lube all along the shaft. Do this for the next few minutes, making sure you’re completely hard before continuing.

Now, when your dick is fully erect, wrap your hand around it tight, and start stroking for me. I want long, slow strokes at first… give me 100 of them… no more than 20 strokes a minute.

Remember… you don’t cum without my permission. If you feel like you have to cum, stop stroking and wait 60 seconds to calm down before starting again.

100 strokes, nice and slow… very good. Now I want 120, but a bit faster… 30 strokes a minute this time. Same instructions if you feel like you’re going to cum.

Good… very good boy… but I want them even faster… 120 more, one every second. Stop when you feel like your going to cum. Wait 30 seconds. Then start fast stroking again where you left off in the count.

Excellent… you’re getting closer to the end. This time you’re going to have to give me 300 strokes. Do them at whatever pace you want, but don’t stop fully when you feel like you’re going to cum. This time I want you to hover there at the edge, slowing the pace down to fit as fast as you can without going over.

Keep doing this until you hit 300, then click the link below to see if I want to let you cum –

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